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This Terms of Use Agreement (these “Terms of Use”) is a binding legal contract between you (either an individual or legal entity) and TEAM Vaccinate Corporation, a not for profit, non-stock corporation (“TEAM Vaccinate”).  These Terms of Use govern Your access to and use of the web sites, media, apps, in-app services and any other cloud services offered by the TEAM Vaccinate organization without limitation Web site and any media, software, services,  programs, tools, databases, materials, content, features, products, apps, or information available or sold on or through it or used in connection with it (collectively, the “Services” and each a “Service”). By downloading, accessing or using any part of the Service You have accessed, You will be bound by these Terms of Use. If You do not agree to these Terms of Use, TEAM Vaccinate is not willing to grant You any right to use or access the Service. In such event, You are not granted permission to access or otherwise use the Service and are instructed to exit the Service immediately.

TEAM Vaccinate may change, add or remove portions of the Terms of Use from time to time, and such changes shall become effective immediately upon posting. It is Your responsibility to review the Terms of Use prior to each use of the Service, and by continuing to use the Service, You agree to any changes, additions and removals.

Some of TEAM Vaccinate’s activities are carried out on web platforms provided by third parties. If you make use of any service where that is the case, you are responsible for complying with any terms of service of the third party platform.

You agree not to use our websites to do any of the following:

  • Anything which is illegal either where you are in the world, or where we are.
  • Cause nuisance to other users of our services.
  • Interfere with the normal running of our services.
  • Try to access our systems in a way other than those advertised by us
  • Users are responsible for their content
  • TEAM Vaccinate will not tolerate use of the platform to bully, harass, or intimidate and reserves the right to terminate use and/or access in breach of the latter or any other activity TEAM Vaccinate elects to deem inappropriate